Tricastin Cup 2016

Aquí os adjuntamos la información de Pierre Gonnet y los formularios de inscripción.

Hello dear friends,
you will find attachments, entry form in the regattathe sailing instructionsetc !!!
to avoid oversights, errors, changed email addressesI leave you care to communicate and share around you friends, club members, your leagues, one little reminder :
 Forms must be received by the organizer no later than March 15 with the registration fee
 The 76 competitors will be selected on a first come first served basis.
I am obliged to do like this, for I have more requests than seats
as you may have some notice, I am doing everything possible to communicate to the French Forum,
Facebook page: Voile RC Pierrelatte or Pierre Gonnet !!
Thank you all for your attention

Formulaire FR 2016 Formulaire GB 2016 IC Tricastin 2016_VF

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