Cambios HMS 2014

Modificaciones del sistema HMS efectivas a partir del 1 de julio de 2014:

The following changes have been introduced to the 2014 HMS. These become active from the 1st July 2014.
• HMS 2014 now contains the breaking of ties and discards, previously in MYA SSIs.
• The most important change is the addition of HMS 3.4 (c), which gives DSQ score if you retire during a hearing.
• The handling of boats that are unable to sail has been made simpler for the race committee, which will both save time and not upset competitors who are rescheduled. Competitors in the lowest heat stay ‘scheduled to sail‘ until the number of boats in the lowest heat still able to sail reach a minimum number, at which time the race committee shall reschedule and withdraw the boats that are unable to sail.

Documento completo sobre las modificaciones


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